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Together Again

Roxy and Sydney are back in KY for a few weeks before their big move to London this summer.

photo (8)

They all seem happy to be together. Although Roxy still isn’t convinced that Prim was a good idea – this could be because Prim prefers Ruthanne and Rox doesn’t like to share.

We just happy to be together for a few weeks and are looking forward to walks all together now that Spring has finally come!


On Vacation

We were in Florida last week. Four people and four dachshunds spent 16 hours in the car, overnight, to make the trip down from Kentucky. Ruthanne, Evan, Sydney, and Roxy will be there for a while, and I know these kids are thrilled to have some puppies in the house again!

little ones with Christina{Christina with Sydney and Prim}

photo{Jack with Pixie}

photo (1)My dad isn’t a dog person, but humored me and smiled for this picture with Roxy and Sydney. He wasn’t so thrilled when Prim decided to jump up on him, twice, later in the week!

Two Years

CaptureIt has been just over two years since Roxy and Sydney came to live with us while Ruthanne and Evan  were in India. The beginning wasn’t easy. We were all adjusting to having three dachshunds in the house. Roxy and Syd were obviously missing their parents. Roxy and Pixie were deciding who was really in charge. Thankfully Sydney still had her ball and blanket. She can survive anything if she has her ball to play with! But we all adjusted, and water a while it felt weird to take just one of them outside or to the vet. We got used to doing everything in sets of three. Bath time became a circus with three in the tub, but they were so cute it didn’t really matter that the house smelled like wet dog for an hour afterward.


Last night I sat on the couch crying because it was our last night with all the girls. Ruthanne and Evan aren’t sure where they will be 6 months or a year from now, but be it Florida, London, France, or Louisville they will never have to leave their girls again.

Obviously this is great news! But, still sad for me. I love them and will miss Roxy’s demands for fresh water, from the filter in the frig, and Sydney laying on my neck each night. Winter nights will be colder without their warm snuggles under the blankets. And Christmas will be quieter without Roxy’s excitement over presents.


Thankfully Ruthanne is going to make sure we are kept in business by posting pictures of both pups and their travels, around the country and probably the world. Roxy was always meant to be a world traveler I think. 🙂

Is that a Cat?

Sometimes I think Roxy might be part cat. The back of the couch is her favorite place to nap and/or bark at people walking by. Or maybe she is just trying to get away from the rambunctious puppies!


Dachshunds in the Morning

A typical morning with the dachshunds includes three things:

1. naps (because waking up, going outside twice, and eating breakfast can wear a pup out!)

Pixie2. belly rubs

Roxy3. begging for toys (in this case forbidden Prim toys that she would destroy in 2.5 seconds)

Sydney{Not included in this list is benedryl to combat Roxy’s eye allergies, and a giant bug which was killed thanks to Andy and Sydney.}