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Together Again

Roxy and Sydney are back in KY for a few weeks before their big move to London this summer.

photo (8)

They all seem happy to be together. Although Roxy still isn’t convinced that Prim was a good idea – this could be because Prim prefers Ruthanne and Rox doesn’t like to share.

We just happy to be together for a few weeks and are looking forward to walks all together now that Spring has finally come!


New Addition

We added a new addition to the family a couple of weeks ago – only this time it wasn’t of the dachshund variety.

baby & puppies

Here are Pixie & Primrose meeting the little one for the first time (we can’t show her cute little face yet since we are doing foster-to-adopt). The dachshunds weren’t too thrilled to welcome a new sister into the house – even though we tried the ‘bring home a hat that smells like baby’ trick. I think this may have to do with the fact that we basically were never home for about 5 days after finding out about out little girl and actually bringing her home from the hosptial.

Three weeks later everyone has calmed down and things are pretty much back to normal. Prim has a thing for pacifiers, but thankfully would rather throw them around than chew them up. It’s also nice that she isn’t much of a kisser (she prefers to sniff) since Pixie would gladly spend all of her free time licking the baby’s head and fingers.

Pixie does like to steal bottles, which is surprising since she never begs for our food. I guess she has a thing for lactose free formula! She did always want to drink out of our milk glasses when she was a puppy …. maybe she just likes milk.

We were always worried about how the dachshunds would do around a baby/child, but I think they are doing great. They aren’t bothered by her cries and she isn’t bothered by their barking.

The only thing left to do is go buy one of those dachshund toys I have pinned – we have to start this baby off right!

Together Again

Roxy proved last night that her original dislike of Prim is still going strong. While she has been in Florida she has decided that doing tricks like rolling over is no longer interesting, but absence hasn’t made her heart grow fonder of the littlest dachshund.

Thankfully Sydney is tolerating Prim’s crazy puppy behavior, and even let Prim cuddle with her on the couch this afternoon.

Sydney and Prim. Thanksgiving 2013. The Dachshund Blog

We’re glad to have all four girls together again for a couple of weeks. Pixie is feeling left out since she isn’t allowed to play or do much of anything right now, but Prim is excited about having Syd to play with and steal toys from.