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Together Again

Roxy and Sydney are back in KY for a few weeks before their big move to London this summer.

photo (8)

They all seem happy to be together. Although Roxy still isn’t convinced that Prim was a good idea – this could be because Prim prefers Ruthanne and Rox doesn’t like to share.

We just happy to be together for a few weeks and are looking forward to walks all together now that Spring has finally come!


A True Dachshund

All of our dachshunds enjoy blankets, and especially sleeping under them. Sydney has her faux fur she sleeps with every night, and Pixie and Roxy enjoy any blanket they can find. I have even woken up a couple of times to find that Pixie has crawled inside my sweatshirt during the night, making us look like some kind of weird two-headed monster.

Prim. Napping. The Dachshund Blog

At four months old Primrose is finally realizing that she too loves blankets, and that they are good for more than just dragging around the house. Sunday afternoon naps are becoming something we all enjoy once again, and for that I am thankful!

This little pup has outgrown her puppy collar and weighs almost eight pounds. It’s fun watching her grow, and we all appreciate that she now sleeps through the night. Or close to it.

Dachshunds in the Morning

A typical morning with the dachshunds includes three things:

1. naps (because waking up, going outside twice, and eating breakfast can wear a pup out!)

Pixie2. belly rubs

Roxy3. begging for toys (in this case forbidden Prim toys that she would destroy in 2.5 seconds)

Sydney{Not included in this list is benedryl to combat Roxy’s eye allergies, and a giant bug which was killed thanks to Andy and Sydney.}

They Are Everywhere… All Together

I was calmly sitting in the chair in the living room when Roxy jumped up on my lap. Understandable since she thinks it’s her chair.  Then Sydney joined her, and finally Pixie had to jump up as well. This chair was not meant for the four of us, but we made it work. For a while at least – until Pix ended up under Sydney and could breathe.