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Playing Dead






Or maybe just napping….


Around Here

It’s been a hot summer in Louisville this year. So, we have had a lot of lazy afternoons and lazy dachshunds.

Sydney – on one of her favorite couch pillows.

Roxy – hogging the other two couch pillows.

And Pixie – on the floor on their handmade bed. She probably would have tried to steal a pillow from Roxy or Sydney, but I was ironing, so she wanted to be next to me. Needy little dachshund.

All Grown Up

Today is Roxy’s fifth birthday. The older she gets the more interested in world events she is. Here she is Thursday morning…

…looking for something good to watch. She perked up when she found Fox and Friends.


Of course, belly rubs will always be her one true love.

Happy Birthday, Roxy! We love you!!

New Bed

When my mom was here for Memorial Day I had her help me with a little dachshund project. A few weeks ago Andy and I decided we needed a dachshund bed in the living room. We hoped it would encourage at least one dachshund to lay somewhere other than my lap.

We got a cheap $2 pillow from Target and found this great fabric at JoAnn’s on sale for $10/yard. With Mom’s help we made a zippered cover for the pillow. Its washable, and if you ask Sydeny, comfortable too!