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Sunday Afternoon

Sunday afternoon = naptime in the sunshine (that has now been replaced by cold, snow, and clouds). The dachshunds are ready for Spring to come back and stay for a while!



If Dachshunds Had Instagram…

This is what it would look like:

new tricks. the dachshund blog ‘I like this new spot & can’t believe the humans were hiding it’s existence from me!’

Sunday naps. the dachshund blog‘sometimes all we can manage on a Sunday afternoon is a nap in the sun on our {faux}fur rugs’


{more Instagrams}

The Morning Nap

This is how Andrew found Prim and Sydney this morning. Both sound asleep in Sydney’s blanket. Prim looks pretty relaxed for having invaded Sydney’s space, and I think this shows just how calm and sweet Syd is – she is willing to share her favorite thing with the new puppy!

Syd & PrimThis isn’t the first time we have caught Prim hiding out in here. Although she hasn’t been so bold about it in the past. I think we may need to find Prim a fur blanket of her own before Sydney leaves for Florida with Ruthanne and Evan next week.


In the Laundry

This is Pixie ‘helping’ me fold the laundry yesterday morning before work.

Of course to a dachshund helping means working your way under the blanket and maybe using a sock to warm you nose.

The laundry didn’t get folded before work, but the puppy was warm so that is what counts, right?

Fall Mornings

It was cold in the house this morning – around 70 I think – and Pixie has learned a valuable lesson. 

If she follows me around in the mornings, she may just end up in bed under the covers.

I’m not sure where Sydney and Roxy were this morning, but I think I may have a line of dachshunds following me around tomorrow.