We are kind of accidental dachshund people. Growing up with cocker spaniels and cats, we stumbled upon dachshunds six years ago and have been in love ever since!

It all started with Roxy, the leader of the group. She is a black and tan miniature and thinks the world revolves around her. So much so that she eats dinner on the couch.

RoxySydney is a chocolate and tan miniature who may be part St. Bernard. No one told her she was supposed to stay small, so she is a solid 17 pound pup! She loves her brown faux fur blanket and racquet balls.

SydneyPixie arrived shortly after Sydney and is the smallest of the three. She is solid red and thinks the best thing ever is to wrestle with Sydney. She likes to high-five and will not stop until she falls asleep.


Prim is our newest addition. She was born May 21, 2013 and has been home with us since July 18th. She is a blue and tan miniature, and has already been on road trips to North Carolina and Florida.

Prim. The Dachshund Blog


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