Monthly Archives: January 2014

Back to Nornal

Pixie had back surgery on November 14th. Eleven weeks later she has made pretty much a complete recovery.

Pixie. The Dachshund BlogWe still freak out a bit (maybe a lot) when playtime with Primrose gets a little crazy, but she is walking, running, barking at everyone she sees, and would go up the stairs if we let her.

I think it’s pretty amazing that she is even walking after what she went though during the days before she was paralyzed & had surgery. But she has always been determined, and at this point she is acting like her old self again. She still needs to grow in some more hair where she was shaved for surgery, but her sweater covers most the the area so she is staying as warm as is possible during this freezing KY winter.


It’s Cold Outside

It’s cold today! Especially for our little Pix & her shaved back. But, the puppies will survive – as long as they are wrapped up in sweaters and blankets.puppiesSo really there isn’t must change.