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I don’t know if it’s all dachshunds or just ours, but these girls really enjoy getting presents! Here are a couple of videoes from Christmas morning.

kentucky dachshunds. christmas. the dachshund blog{ the KY dachshunds }

florida dachshunds. christmas. the dachshund blog

{ the FL dachshunds }


Pixie Progress

Our little Pixie had her first post surgery follow-up appointment yesterday. Her stitches were removed and she received a great report! We are going to start slowing lowering her does of medication and she is even able to start going on short five minute walks in the next week.

Pixie. Week 6. The Dachshund Blog

We are so excited and grateful that the damage to her back wasn’t permanent and are hopeful that she will make a full recovery. She will still be mostly confined to her bed, or our laps, for about 4-6 more weeks, but she has done amazingly well with this so far. Especially considering that Roxy and Sydney are visiting for a couple of weeks.