Pixie is required to rest, mostly in her crate, for eight weeks after her back surgery. We survived the first week, and are already seeing improvement. She stretched out her back legs for the first time Thursday morning. She is walking better when she is allowed, and even took a couple of steps backwards a couple of days ago.

Pixie. Week 8. The Dachshund Blog

One week down, only seven more to go.


2 thoughts on “8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1

  1. Kate's Bookshelf

    Hang in there. My wired-haired dachshund, Rugburn, slipped a disk in his back five years ago and he was out of commission for six months. He’s still wobbly, but he can walk. I never did the surgery because my vet didn’t think it would help. The waiting is the hardest part, I think.

    1. Sarabeth Post author

      I love hearing about dachshunds who have overcome these back problems!! I’m glad Rugburn is better & able to get around. Our uncle has several dachshunds & two have needed surgery, so we are grateful he is able to give us advise and encouragement as we wait for Pix to heal.


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