Pixie ended up needing surgery Friday afternoon. She had a swollen disk that was causing pain, and she wasn’t able to walk.


We are thankful for our wonderful vet who sent Pix to a great surgeon. She was at the animal hospital less than 24 hours, and is home resting now, and for the next 6 – 8 weeks.


She started wagging her tail yesterday evening, is refusing to use the puppy potty pads, and is even taking a couple of steps when we let her or when she is outside in the grass. Her incision is big, but not as scary looking as we were expecting. All that matters is that she is getting better, and is showing no signs of being paralyzed. We are hoping for a full recovery, although we have heard from our uncle, who has two dachshunds who have also gone through this, that it could take up to a year for her to be back to normal. We are just glad to have her home!


4 thoughts on “Recovery

  1. Cindi

    Our Labrador had spinal surgery a few years ago – it’s the scariest thing, isn’t it? A dachshund’s back is so different. I hope she’s fully recovered soon!


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