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Together Again

Roxy proved last night that her original dislike of Prim is still going strong. While she has been in Florida she has decided that doing tricks like rolling over is no longer interesting, but absence hasn’t made her heart grow fonder of the littlest dachshund.

Thankfully Sydney is tolerating Prim’s crazy puppy behavior, and even let Prim cuddle with her on the couch this afternoon.

Sydney and Prim. Thanksgiving 2013. The Dachshund Blog

We’re glad to have all four girls together again for a couple of weeks. Pixie is feeling left out since she isn’t allowed to play or do much of anything right now, but Prim is excited about having Syd to play with and steal toys from.



Pixie is required to rest, mostly in her crate, for eight weeks after her back surgery. We survived the first week, and are already seeing improvement. She stretched out her back legs for the first time Thursday morning. She is walking better when she is allowed, and even took a couple of steps backwards a couple of days ago.

Pixie. Week 8. The Dachshund Blog

One week down, only seven more to go.

Sydney’s New Sweater

Sydney may be living the life of luxury in South Florida right now, but she is still prepping for winter weather. With an upcoming move to Great Brittan she was in need of something to keep her warm and dry on cold walks around London.

Sydney. The Dachshund Blog. It was been hard to find sweaters that would fit her, since she is bigger than the average dachshund. But, Target’s dollar store area had the perfect solution. She may still need a rain coat, but this green sweater should keep her nice and warm next winter.


Pixie ended up needing surgery Friday afternoon. She had a swollen disk that was causing pain, and she wasn’t able to walk.


We are thankful for our wonderful vet who sent Pix to a great surgeon. She was at the animal hospital less than 24 hours, and is home resting now, and for the next 6 – 8 weeks.


She started wagging her tail yesterday evening, is refusing to use the puppy potty pads, and is even taking a couple of steps when we let her or when she is outside in the grass. Her incision is big, but not as scary looking as we were expecting. All that matters is that she is getting better, and is showing no signs of being paralyzed. We are hoping for a full recovery, although we have heard from our uncle, who has two dachshunds who have also gone through this, that it could take up to a year for her to be back to normal. We are just glad to have her home!

Pixie’s Back Problems

Pixie hasn’t been acting like herself for the last week or so. It started out with her refusing to go up the stairs, then she didn’t want to jump up on the couch – even with the pillow that we have there to help Prim up & down.

Pixie. The Dachshund Blog

We talked to her vet last week when we were their for Prim’s last appointment, and were told to watch her and bring her in if things didn’t start to improve. She is a dachshund after all, and therefore prone to back problems. All the while I tried to not worry about her needing back surgery and eventually a dachshund wheelchair…

Well, things didn’t improve, so Monday we took her in for a visit with our amazing dachshund owing vet. Pix isn’t showing any obvious signs of back problems, but her neck and one back leg are clearly stiff and not moving as freely as everyone would like. We were told to give her pain medicine, which is helping, and monitor her for a few days.

That was Monday. Today she is better, but still not great. We are waiting to hear back from the vet and may be going in for x-rays later this week to get a better idea of what exactly is going on.

For now, we are trying to keep her calm, and hoping that this is nothing more than a pulled muscle from all the playing with Prim .