Monthly Archives: July 2013

The Morning Nap

This is how Andrew found Prim and Sydney this morning. Both sound asleep in Sydney’s blanket. Prim looks pretty relaxed for having invaded Sydney’s space, and I think this shows just how calm and sweet Syd is – she is willing to share her favorite thing with the new puppy!

Syd & PrimThis isn’t the first time we have caught Prim hiding out in here. Although she hasn’t been so bold about it in the past. I think we may need to find Prim a fur blanket of her own before Sydney leaves for Florida with Ruthanne and Evan next week.



9 Weeks

PrimPrim is nine weeks old now, and we have had her for one of those weeks. The pup that started out small, scared, and cute is now small, bold, and cute. She has gone from hiding her head in a blanket the first night when she met the big girls to her current favorite activity of barking at them in the kitchen, where her little voice echos, in order to get them to chase her. She is going on her first road trip this weekend. Eight hours in the car to NC, and back the next day. It will be good practice for our trip to Florida next month!


We are making some progress in dachshund bonding around here. Sydney is learning to not knock Prim over when she wants to play. Roxy has stopped hiding under the bed pouting, and last night Pixie let Prim share her spot on the pillow for a short nap.


Overall, I think the adjustment is going well for everyone. Of course everything will change when Ruthanne and Evan arrive Saturday night, but we are so excited!


So, Prim slept through the night…the first night. Not so much the last two. I know clocks are supposed to help puppies sleep because it sounds like their mother’s heart beating.
I downloaded a sound machine app with a heart beat sound. It worked great for nap time, we’ll see if it helps tonight!

Hello, Prim!

Last night after work we made the two hour drive into the Kentucky countryside to pick up our little Primrose. We were able to see her father, and several of her brothers and sisters. And, were completely in love in about .5 seconds!

Prim.The Ride HomeShe did amazingly well on the car ride home. Slept through the night, ate a good breakfast, and is already bonding with Roxy, Sydney, and Pixie.

Prim & the CousinsWe are so excited to finally have her home, and can’t wait until she is more comfortable with both us and the ‘big’ girls!

Is that a Cat?

Sometimes I think Roxy might be part cat. The back of the couch is her favorite place to nap and/or bark at people walking by. Or maybe she is just trying to get away from the rambunctious puppies!