6 Weeks

These puppies don’t know it, but they have less than two months left together. On July 18 Ruthanne and Evan will return to American and just a week later they will be in Louisville. After that visit they plan to spend several months in Florida with our parents, and Roxy and Sydney are, of course, going with them.


Poor Pixie isn’t going to know what to do. And neither will I. We have gotten so used to taking all three outside together, feeding them in order – Rox, Syd, then Pix – giving everyone a treat at bedtime. It’s going to be quiet when Pixie no longer has Sydney to play with.

We are hoping to get a new puppy to keep Pixie company. Until that happens we will have to continue our weekly Facetime calls with Ruthanne and Evan, and annoy the neighbors as the girls howl together.

We are super excited to have Ruthanne and Evan home!!! But, we are certainly going to miss having three dachshunds in the loft!


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