Second Dinner

The dachshunds, well two of them, love to eat. But, because they are dachshunds and are prone to back problems, especially if overweight, we limit the amount of food they get each day. When we were growing up our cocker spaniel always had food in her bowl and she ate whenever she got hungry. But, with Roxy, Sydney, and Pixie we limit them to 1/2 cup twice a day.

They are usually okay with this, but sometimes Roxy just gets a little hungry late in the evening and demands second dinner.


Sunday was one of those nights. She sat by her bowl and knocked it around for probably 15 minutes before I gave in and gave her, and the other two, a little bit extra. Apparently that extra 1/3 cup was enough to satisfy her belly because shortly after second dinner all three puppies were asleep on the couch – under a blanket of course.



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