Roxy & the Dentist, Part II

Roxy had her yearly appointment with the vet last month. She is perfectly healthy, and hasn’t even had trouble with her allergies this year.

But, the vet noticed that her cracked molar looked like it might be getting an infection and wanted to schedule her for a teeth cleaning and possible/probable removal of the tooth.

So, we scheduled the appointment, and per her parents request, asked the doctor to go ahead and removed the tooth if it looked like it would need to be done eventually. We were all trying to avoid another $300 bill in a year or two!

Unfortunately the vet found not one, but two cracked molars, but she decided to leave them both in and we were told that they would be fine for years to come. We are glad Rox still has her teeth, but a bit confused by the vet’s apparent worry about infection and problems only to leave the tooth/teeth. We think this is the ‘problem’ of having a really good vet – they check everything.

In the end, Roxy is worth it. And she, and the puppies, are now banned from ice cube treats. Here is a picture of her when I finally got her home Friday night. She was exhausted, but happy to be home and snuggled on a blanket on her lookout perch.



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