Dachshund Entertainment

distraction toysWe had our first foster/adoption home study last night. Thankfully it went well, and the girls were wonderfully behaved. Just a small amount, for a dachshund, of barking! Roxy even greeted the social worked with a kiss on the hand and a tail wag. I’m going to call that a success!

Today I though it might be fun to share a few of the things we do to make it easier on us and the girls when we have guests over.

Tips for entertaining your dachshunds when visitors come over:

1. Give them a new bone or treat to chew on.

2. Fill their toys with food to distract them.

3. Pull out all the off-limits-because-they-eat-them toys.


4. If possible, go for a long walk or throw a ball for a while before the guests come over.

5. When all else fails, smile and move on. They will eventually stop barking, and all dachshund owners know that on one can resist a cute little dachshund!



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