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The dachshunds are exited about the prospect of a little Toy joining the family soon. They want to help with everything, including putting the Pack-n-Play together last night.


Roxy is an elephant hunter in her spare time. But don’t worry, she prefers the stuffed variety over the real thing.

They Are Everywhere… All Together

I was calmly sitting in the chair in the living room when Roxy jumped up on my lap. Understandable since she thinks it’s her chair.  Then Sydney joined her, and finally Pixie had to jump up as well. This chair was not meant for the four of us, but we made it work. For a while at least – until Pix ended up under Sydney and could breathe.


Dachshund Entertainment

distraction toysWe had our first foster/adoption home study last night. Thankfully it went well, and the girls were wonderfully behaved. Just a small amount, for a dachshund, of barking! Roxy even greeted the social worked with a kiss on the hand and a tail wag. I’m going to call that a success!

Today I though it might be fun to share a few of the things we do to make it easier on us and the girls when we have guests over.

Tips for entertaining your dachshunds when visitors come over:

1. Give them a new bone or treat to chew on.

2. Fill their toys with food to distract them.

3. Pull out all the off-limits-because-they-eat-them toys.


4. If possible, go for a long walk or throw a ball for a while before the guests come over.

5. When all else fails, smile and move on. They will eventually stop barking, and all dachshund owners know that on one can resist a cute little dachshund!


New Toys

When cleaning out a closet last week I found a couple of rope toys we have been hiding from Roxy since last summer. She, of course, tries to eat them, so they are usually off limits. But, instead of leaving them in hiding, I tossed them into a basket in the corner – not thinking that the girls would actually find them since they were in a room that is usually blocked off.

Well, Sydney is smarted than I am! Within about ten minutes she had one of the toys out in the living room and was begging for me to throw it for her. Over and over and over and over again.

Sydney 1

But, how can you resist that face? You can’t. And I have the sore arm to prove it this morning. Pixie also can’t resist a playful Sydney, so she quickly decided to steal the toy in a failed attempt to get Sydney to play with her instead.

Pixie 1 & 2

Pixie is just trying to play, but Syd gets pretty upset whenever her toys are stolen. Thankfully Pix gets bored pretty quickly, and soon went back to sleeping under a blanket on the couch, because it is still cold here in KY!

Sydney 2

Syd was happy to have her toy back, plus the other two she found with it. She took it to bed with us Saturday night, and played again all day Sunday. We don’t have to worry about her getting overweight!