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Sydney and Pixie are loving the sunshine this morning.



The sun finally came out and the puppies are loving it!

Sydney’s Newest Love

You all know Sydney loves her ball. Because she occasionally destroys them and won’t eat/drink/sleep when she has one, she doesn’t often get to play with them.

Over the last few weeks she has constantly been playing with one of our homemade toys – an old shirt tied in a knot.

photo (1)

She can’t decide if she wants to play or nap in the sun.


They didn’t care that I needed to get ready for work, they just wanted to play.

Christmas 2012

The dachshunds enjoyed Christmas. They avoided time in their beds since we had extra time off, received too many treats on Christmas Eve since we had kids over for dinner, and spent plenty of time sleeping on the couch and in the sun spots in the living room.

Here are a few pictures from Christmas 2012

photo (1)

opening presents is more fun with puppies to help

photo (2)

belly rubs are just better on Christmas

photo (5)

no dachshunds were injured in the making of this Christmas

photo (6)

‘are these for me?’

photo (3)

kisses from India

photo (4)

Christmas afternoons were made for naps

The girls received cookies, blankets, and dental bones for Christmas. They were especially excited about the cookies!