Where are the Bubbles?

The girls needed a bath. So, Andy gave them one. They did not approve.

In fact, Sydney tried to escape.

Several times, actually.

But, in the end, Andy prevailed, and we had three clean dachshunds.

Which is what we wanted in the first place.


3 thoughts on “Where are the Bubbles?

  1. prttynpnk

    You did all 3 at once? BRave souls! We have a pup bathing assembly line- 1 locates hiding dog, 1 bathes, 1 swaddles and dries and watches the backdoor for freshly cleaned escapees!

    1. Sarabeth Post author

      Oh, that is usually how we do it too! But every once in a while we are crazy enough to do all three at once. It helps that Sydney is the only one who tries to jump out.


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