Dachshund Condos

Pixie and Sydney sleep in their own Dachshund Condos.

This is Pixie trying to wake up in her top floor condo.

This arrangement saves space, and after a year Pixie has finally learned to wait by the door to Sydney’s ‘downstairs’ condo for us to pick her up and put her to bed. For the longest time she would jump right in with Sydney. Maybe she was hoping for a sleepover.

As you can see, the girl is spoiled with several blankets – some of which she likes to sleep under. She also has a stuffing-removed toy lion, monkey, and something that used to resemble an elephant. Clearly she wants to be in the circus when she grown up.


One thought on “Dachshund Condos

  1. prttynpnk

    At 3am I got up only to return to my bed and find 3 dachshunds spooning across my pillow under the covers like spoiled things and no room for me. We had a brief discussion and they were rolled like logs to another spot. Boy those condos look good this morning!


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