A Little Spot

Sometimes the dachshunds in my life just don’t cooperate the way I would like them to. Take Pixie for instance.

Cute, isn’t she?

Last night my nice husband decided to let her sleep with us. (When you have three dachshunds living with you and a full sized bed you have to take turns if you want to get any sleep.) This was a test, and the little Pix failed. Lately, whenever she sleeps with us, she jumps off the bed during the night (not allowed due to potential dachshund back problems) and potties on the floor (also NOT allowed). Let’s just say thats not something we like waking up to!

Obviously Pixie has now been banished to her cage for the forseeable future. Of course that doesn’t solve last nights little accident – which is why we have The Spot Bot.

What a lovely invention. It cleans your spots and has a hose attachment for those unfortunate times Sydney decides to vomit her dinner on the couch.  This was purchased shortly after Roxy and Sydney moved in with us. It has prevented Andy from going crazy and shipping all three dogs off to South Asia on more than one occasion.


3 thoughts on “A Little Spot

  1. prttynpnk

    Oh, I must confess- we have 3 dachsies in bed every evening. I am a heavy sleeper, so I don’t notice, but the husband says he has no room at all!

    1. thedachshundblog Post author

      We tried that a few times, but it just didn’t work out! I used to feel bad about making them sleep in their own beds, but got over that when I realized that Sydeny’s faux fur blanket is probably more comfortable than my 18 year old mattress.


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