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Pearly Whites

Do your dogs have bad breath?

We have recently started using two things to help control the crazy dachshund breath in out house.

This stuff is pretty amazing so far. It has eliminated bad breath and claims to also help with tarter build up, although we haven’t noticed any changes in that department yet. You simply add a teaspoon to each bowl of water. We have been doing it about once per day in the dachshund’s water bowls.  We got our bottle at our local Feeder Supply, but it is also available online here.

We also give the girls these, usually broken in half or thirds (can’t forget about their girlish figures).

Not sure if these really work or not, but the dachshunds love them. We found them at Target, but I think this is a better price.


Roxy Foxy and My Worst Nightmare

Roxy had her yearly vet appointment this afternoon. Although we have a great vet, none of us really like going to the vet. Its expensive, they get shots, and are always told to go on a diet.

To prepare Roxy for the trauma that was to come, and to spare the vet bad breath, I gave Roxy a dental stick right before it was time to leave. 

She must have known something was up because she took her treat under the side table between the couches. Either that or she just wanted to make sure Sydney and Pixie didn’t steal it! (Don’t worry, the puppies got a treat also.)

And, now, the nightmare – as I was washing Roxy’s face before we left I found a tick in her ear! (Vomit in my throat/barf bag in my mouth.) I tried to get if off with the wash cloth, but was scared it would break off, and since I’m a big chicken and we were on the way to the vet, I decided to leave it and ask the vet to take it off. I was willing to pay anything they charged!

Here we are at the vet – waiting for shots, but tick free!

They said it hadn’t attached fully, and it was easily removed. Roxy didn’t even notice. I was of course terrified of reliving the tick infestation of 2007 (think millions of ticks everywhere for months – thankfully no dachshunds were involved, but our childhood pets – two cats and a cocker spaniel – were), so I checked her all over for those nasty little bugs.

Thankfully she didn’t have any other ticks. But, she still didn’t want to stick around for her shots and tried to escape.

Roxy was given a clean bill of health. She does need to have her teeth cleaned this summer, but we were expecting that.

Once home, I gave all three dachshunds a bath with this stuff:

And, all three will be getting a fresh dose of this tonight:

The vet did recommend that we try a new flea/tick medicine, so we will keep you updated on what we end up with.

And finally, here is one more Roxy picture – she is worn out and a bit drugged out from the Benadryl I gave her so she wouldn’t swell up from her shots. But, she is clean, tick free, and good for another year.