Monthly Archives: April 2012

Lazy Weekend

The dachshunds had a lazy weekend.

Floor to ceiling windows in the loft are great for bird watching…people barking….


(Sorry, we are easily distracted around here.)


The Birthday Girl: Pixie

Our little Pixie was three on April 20th. We didn’t take her for a photo shoot in the park like we did with Sydney, mainly because we didn’t think she would tolerate three balloons tied to her neck!

In honor of our little one’s big day, here are a few pictures from the first few weeks we had her. She was so small!


Our first picture together. We drove to Lexington to pick her up. That slightly worried look on her face is one of the first things we noticed about her – before we even knew she would be ours.

She wasted no time attacking her new toys! This one lasted a few short weeks before being ripped apart.

Playing with Roxy at Southern Seminary. Roxy always has been protective of the puppies.

Sydney and Pixie. It’s hard to believe how different they would end up size wise! They both started out so miniature.

So, thanks Fannie and Evan for getting Roxy. She started it all! Roxy will be five in July. How should we celebrate?


We took the dachshunds for a walk this week, and stopped to play on the hill behind our loft on the way home. As we were getting ready to come home, Sydney found a tennis ball. These pictures aren’t great, but she was so excited about her find!

Though worn out from a long walk, she just wanted to chase her new found love through the grass. She carried it home, and now the tennis ball lives by our front door, always ready for play.