Monthly Archives: February 2012

Puppy Love

Andy and Roxy have had their share of differences, but for my birthday they decided to make up. The following picture is evidence of their new found love. 🙂

ImageIsn’t she cute?


Air Mail

Fed up with being thousand miles away from her mom and dad, Roxy decided to take matters into her own hands. Gathering Sydney and tolerating her cousin PIxie, she prepared to have herself mailed to a foreign land. ImageImageImageImage


As you can see, things didn’t go well. Sydney escaped and Pixie was so scared she didn’t make it out to the grass, if you understand my meaning. Roxy was determined to follow through with her plans, but was sidetracked by the dinner bell.

Around the Loft

Even though each dachshund has her own bed, sometimes Roxy and Pixie like to sneak into Sydney’s cage and hang out on her fancy faux fur blanket.

Although we have two couches, all three dachshunds like to be on one of them – the one I am on. And, why lay in the pillows of you can lay on someone (me)? They are cute though.

Dachshund play time – 3 dachshunds, 4 tennis balls, 2 kongs, and a few racquet balls. What more could you ask for?