Monthly Archives: November 2011

Dachshund Photos

After a long day decorating the Christmas tree…

(well, helping at least)

The dachshunds were ready for a nice long nap on the couch…

Roxy wasn’t happy about the camera in her face.

Sydney thought nap time wasn’t as much fun as playing…


Happy Thanksgiving!

From our dachshund bellies to yours.

Fall Days

The fall leaves here in KY have been beautiful this year, so I had the great idea to take the dachshunds for a photo shoot one afternoon.

Three dogs + two people should = a pretty easy time. Or so I thought. It may have been the 5pm traffic. It may have been the sun in their eyes. It may have been my lack of dachshund photo skills. Whatever it was, successful it was not. We managed to capture this one cute picture of Sydney (who, by the way, has lost another 0.6 pounds!).


Plus a couple of others.

Roxy was not so interested in the camera. She was more concerned about he fact that we had her tied to a fence and separated from Pixie and Sydney. She is after all the protective one of the dachshund pack.

And poor little Pixie didn’t even get a chance to be a star. We gave up when the barking got out of control and walked home the long way in an attempt to wear everyone out. And give the Sydney Bear a little bit of exercise.

We plan to try again soon, but don’t expect any Christmas cards with three smiling dachshunds on the front!

Weight Loss Champ

In just three week on her new diet and exercise routine, our little Sydney has managed to lose 1.5 pounds. It may not sound like much, but she is well on her way to her goal of being three pounds lighter.

She is a bit shy, and doesn’t want to show off her new slim look, but we will try to capture a few photos this week