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Dachshund Diets

Dachshunds love to eat!

(Pixie – our slowest eater)

But, as a long little dog, being over weight can pose some serious health risks.

(Roxy – eating on the couch away from the puppies)

Our three dachshunds range in weight from 13 to, as we found out at Sydney’s vet appointment two weeks ago, 21 pounds.

(Sydney – too busy eating to look up for a photo)

Poor Sydney. She has always been the largest of the three, and she also loves to eat more than Roxy or Pixie.

In about two minutes we go from:

food measured in the cup


Sydney with just a few bites left


the empty bowl.

Since we really can’t cut down her food intake anymore, she gets 1/2 of dry food, twice a day, we had to change what she eats. All three dachshunds now get a mix of 3/4 Iams weight management formula and 1/4 healthy naturals. Roxy doesn’t like the taste of the diet food, so we lift a bit of the good stuff in for flavor.

All three dogs are on the diet because they are less active in the winter, and could all stand to be a bit slimmer.

Along with this healthier meal option, we also break their treats in half to cut down on unnecessary calories.

Hopefully, these simple changes, along with a few long walks through the Fall leaves, will help Sydney lose about three pounds. We will see how she is doing at her first official weigh in on Friday. 


Dachshund Road Trip

Our recent trip to South Florida started with a 15.5 hour road trip. Two people, three small dachshunds, over 1,000 miles, 3 stops, and totally worth it to spend a week with family in sunny South Florida.

Roxy, Sydney, and Pixie did wonderfully in the car, partially because the are amazing dachshunds, and partially because we planned ahead.  Everyone had a small breakfast before we loaded up the car, and had several potty breaks as we prepared to leave. Each dachshund had their own spot, if they wanted it, in the car. One could sit behind the driver on a cushy blanket, one could perch on a couple of pillows on the folded down front seat, and the other could ride with the driver or passenger in the back seat.

Of course, all three usually ended up on or near my lap. Which is where they spend their time at home as well.

We stopped three times, and each time the girls went potty and then had some water before we piled back in the Volkswagen and started south again.  Just before our final stop everyone shared a small dinner.

By the time we arrived, we were all ready to get out of the car! But we survived and would do it again.